Your Ultimate Personal Growth Planner

Mind Planner is the first customizable planner designed for your growth and lifestyle. 


A powerful framework that creates better mind habits, helps you grow, increases your productivity, success and happiness. 

What is MIND Planner?

End Procrastination. Upgrade Your Mindset

No one really understands the concept of the mind. This is the one key secret to the highly successful:


 Lead your mind, lead your life. 

Did you know that 80% of our success and results in life lies in our psychology? 

MIND planner is specifically designed to help you positively upgrade your mindset through a simple daily framework. 

Jump start your life in 30-days with proven self-awareness structure for growth-oriented individuals.

It's more than a planner - it’s a new way of thinking and living.

Upgrade your life.

A better life starts with the mind.

Win the Inner Game. Accelerate Your Success.

  • No more one-size-fits-all approaches. 
  • Add the modules that add value
  • Take out sections you don't need.   

  • Foster higher performance and focus 
  • Increase your personal effectiveness 
  • Find more purpose, achieve your goals 

  • Creates your success structure 
  • Have better mind habits & higher level thinking
  • Cultivates confidence, courage, self-esteem


  • Leads you to a better and more balanced life
  • Become more happier, find more fulfillment 
  • Empowers your life and future 





Based off scientific concepts of psychology and mind science, MIND planner can create life-altering dynamics 

through a simple 10 minute morning and evening planner framework. 

The daily process expands your mental power and activates higher level thinking.  

It helps re-wires the way you think, feel and focus. 


Lead your mind, lead your life. 

Simple. Powerful. Effective.

Productivity Planners

Daily Mindset Framework 

A Powerful Self-Awareness Tool 

Morning Ritual:  A unique system that helps you be happier, more confident, gain courage, purposeful living, moves you to your goals, sharpens results-focused mindset, elevate your wealth mindset, live better. 

Evening Ritual:  System that helps stimulate positive mindset, celebrate your day, self-appreciation practice, find fulfillment, practice of letting go, day in review, lesson and learning framework for improvement application.

Weekly Planner

Design meets productivity at its finest.

Priority grids, suited for you to set focus priorities. habit tracker, daily quotes, challenge activities that keeps things fresh to help you grow. 

Monthly Planner

Checklists for your own customized use, plan your month in an overview, with milestone and goal planning.

Weekly and Monthly Reviews


Weekly Review 

Review your progress, find more happiness. Simple structure to celebrate your wins, recognize your challenges, find your learning apply change actions for results you want to create next week. 

Monthly Review

Our flagship LifeBalance Circle ™  helps you find balance in life for better quality living, well-being and fulfillment. 

Recap highlights, best moments, review what's working, and areas of growth for next month. Space for journaling and notes for the month. 

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* Please click on image to view sample

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Supplementary Planners

Dotted, Blank, Lined Planners

Supplementary planners included with your first starter package. Customize to your own personal needs and lifestyle. Use for creativity, sketching, planning, brainstorm, vision board, journal, to-do lists, notes – all possibilities, one place for everything, refillable.

Other great reasons to love MIND Planner

Convenience and storage for personal needs

Customization is key. Start any date or calendar year

Quality paper and writing experience  

Comfort and accessibility for your experience

Lightweight, versatile to use and carry

Eco-friendly option and highly adaptive to your needs

Big enough for functional use, small enough to conveniently carry around

Highest quality, durable and


Ringless, Boundless Planner


Compact Size 

Quality Faux Leather

Bleed Free Acid Free Paper

Pen Holder & Inner Pockets


Lay Flat Binding

What others are saying

Entrepreneur, Designer, Supermom

I have so many facets of life to manage. This is first of its kind where I can really customize to my needs. LOVE its design, lightness, functionality. Can’t live without this now. It keeps me on track, find balance, organize my life and me grows me all levels.


Well thought out concept and system. I've only been using it for a couple of weeks and its already helped me develop some winning habits and seeing great results. Keeps me disciplined-consistent-accountable.

Brand & Marketing Consultant, Writer

I never thought a planner could change my mindset so much. I've tried a lot of different planners (including digital ones) but none are as carefully designed as Mindplanner. When I think of how much I've grown since I first started using Mindplanner, I'm quite amazed. It's truly a one of a kind product!

Helana McKenzie

Daniel John

Ashley Calder

Master Your Mind. Empower Your Future. 

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